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Sometimes parents ask me: “So Kelly, how did you get to be so GOOD at understanding kids’ misbehaviours and turning them around fast?”

Well despite having an award-winning parenting book, speaking to millions of parents on radio & having a master’s in counselling psychology, I was in the parenting deep end…long before I even became a mother!

Twenty years ago, I was a child-care worker and got good at it. So good, I became the “it-girl” for tough cases. And I thought I knew pretty much everything there’s to know about raising & discipling kids (don’t you just love the non-parent ego!).

I became a nanny for two brothers no one else would work with. Why? Simple... their last caregiver, they beat-up on the bus! Oh, and they were blind from birth! To say they were a handful, is like Helen Keller’s teacher calling her “timid”. ;-) (continued below...)


If I Was a Dictionary Definition...

I thought this child-care gig would be a piece of cake. But the night a dessert plate went zinging past my head, I realized I didn’t know it all! ;-)

I was overwhelmed, humbled & down-right angry (first at the kids, and then at myself!). My dad begged me to quit but I was stubborn & stayed…

Fortunately, I started my Master’s in Counselling, and learned from some of the leading parenting experts in the world (Jane Nelsen from Positive Discipline, Dr. Gary McKay Systematic Trainining for Effective Parenting). So, I tested their wisdom, & organically came up with my own Joyfully Parenting approach. These common-sense strategies I used in my special “positive parenting trenches lab” with the boys for over 7 years. And it positively turned things around and quickly!

Amazingly, these parenting tips didn’t  just work for us... While speaking with parents on the playground, I discovered my strategies also worked to quickly solve common parenting issues for REAL families with REAL problems. Things like:

  • temper tantrums, 
  • sibling rivalry, 
  • lying, 
  • lack of confidence,
  • school problems 
  • anxiety, 
  • overwhelm, 
  • push-back, 
  • bedtime struggles, 
  • disrespect 
  • complaining and whining

When Interviewed....

you'll hear me say: “Most child discipline only teaches children to lie to their parents—not help kids learn from their mistakes, nor do better next time.”

The cool thing is... doesn’t take fancy degrees, nor parenting rocket-science to be a better, more patient & connected parent. Look, I don’t have a magic parenting wand (I’ve currently misplaced mine). What I have for you is positive parenting strategies that have stood the test of time & bring out everyone's best!


And, I Absolutely LOVE...

...sharing these calming parenting strategies that mean more laughter, hugs and connection for families, in programs like my FREE Mama Temper Tamer Checklist. Make sure you get your copy now so you'll be positively ready to deal with the next fight or heated moment with your kid!

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