“How struggling with 2 strong-willed kids led me to speak with over a million parents…”

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“When the dessert plate 🍮 went zinging past my head…”

26 years ago, I was a know-it-all childcare worker for the kids others had given up on...

Then I met my match!

I became like a live-in nanny for two strong-willed brothers no one would work with. When they weren’t bouncing off the walls they were literally pounding on them. They were also blind from birth.

Turns out, their secret SUPERPOWER was finding ALL my child discipline loopholes. Sound familiar?

Oh… and they beat up their last caregiver on the 🚌 bus! “When the dessert plate went zinging past my head…" I knew something had to change! 

I started my master's in counselling psychology and was taught by two parenting experts Dr. Jane and Dr. Gary (AKA “parenting life savers”), who’d collectively sold 10 million+ books.

Their support made the difference...

Other parents on the playground noticed our dramatic turnaround (actually wanted playdates!) and asked me for advice about things like: how to get their kids to listen, or stop the sibling fights. 🥊

They got better results!

Amazingly, I (the non parent!) was interviewed in Today's Parent and even hired to speak with over 1 million parents.

When I FINALLY became a mom and had my own strong-willed kiddo (so humbling!), I realized just how exhausting parenting a “big personality” can be.

It was then I created the Peaceful Parenting Path™… a customizable and practical 9-step “family reboot system” that dials down rude child behaviour and exhausting fights and pushback.

These tools were especially helpful when I became a single mom and was coparenting an angry child. I liked the parent I was again, and could let go of playing the "bad cop." 

The Peaceful Parenting Path enabled me and my clients to raise respectful children... without yelling, nagging, or caving in. Such a relief to sidestep exhausting child tantrums and dial down rude child behaviour AND maintain a loving relationship. 

It's so great to live in a peaceful home without angry child drama! Currently, I’ve got 4 lively teenagers under my roof and 90% of the time I balance the demands of work and a big household (many call my 1907 house the “castle”) well.

I’m super blessed to help my committed clients stop the exhausting strong-willed child fights and meltdowns, so everyone can achieve their best. 👍


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