“How struggling with 2 strong-willed kids led me to speak with over a million parents…”

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When the dessert plate ðŸŪ went zinging past my head…” I knew I was in OVER my head.

But first, let me give you a wee bit of background....

You see, most of my mom clients (just like I did!) get to some point in parenting their stubborn child when they know SOMETHING’S got to change—believe, there’s GOT to be a better way… got to be a way to finally get their child to listen!

If we haven’t yet met… Hi, I’m Kelly Nault, from JoyfullyParenting.com and the first time I realized it was my calling to become a "stubborn child parenting coach"... 

…I was standing beside blue monkey bars. A parent was telling me how my recommended "twist on time-outs" was a game changer. It actually got their child to LEARN from their mistake and not meltdown, whenever she didn’t get her way.

The mom was ecstatic! ðŸ˜ƒ

The crazy part? I wasn’t a parent, yet. 

You see, in my early 20’s I was the “it-girl” for difficult strong-willed children—some, others gave up on. 

Yet, I met my match when...

... I worked with two brothers who'd beaten up their last caregiver on the bus. YIKES!

Overly confident, I thought my live-in caregiver gig (think Super Nanny) would be a piece of cake,

Yet… the night I lost my cool, took away ALL their device privileges and the oldest chucked carrot cake at my head, I was humbled. ðŸ˜ĩ Truly.

Oh… and these brothers were also blind from birth. They’d have likely given Helen Keller a run for her money!

Frankly, there were days I thought they’d end up in a juvenile delinquent centre and I in a psyche ward.

I was frustrated, embarrassed, angry AND exhausted. My dad told me to quit, but I stayed—get this… for seven years!

Why? Because I got what most struggling parents never get… coaching from two of the best parenting experts, who collectively sold over 10.5 million parenting books. 

And their support made ALL the difference...

Other parents noticed our positive parenting turnaround (actually wanted playdates!) AND they asked for advice. 

Incredibly, they often got better results than I!

I was interviewed in Today's Parent and even hired to speak with over 1 million parents about family work life balance.

ðŸĪŠ Crazy, I know! 

When I FINALLY became a mom and had my own strong-willed ADHD kiddo (oh-so humbling!), I realized just how triggering and exhausting parenting a “big personality” can be.

I also discovered incredible joys!

I truly love being a mom. 

Yet, while I always knew parenting is not for wimps, parenting a true stubborn child is harder—often, MUCH harder. Tools that work for agreeable kids, often ðŸ’Ģ bomb with spirited ones. 

This’s exactly what inspired me to create the Peaceful Parenting Path™… a customizable and practical 9-step “family reboot system” that uses time-tested tools to dial down rude child behaviour and eliminate the exhausting fights, meltdowns and pushback that drive us crazy.

These tools were invaluable, especially when I became a single mom (after being married for over 11 years) and was coparenting an ðŸ˜Ą angry child. 

The Peaceful Parenting Path enables both my clients and I to inspire our kids to listen, but without yelling, nagging, or caving in… so our default becomes a peaceful and FUN home!

If you haven’t yet got my free How to Get Your Stubborn Child to Listen Checklist and free online parenting training, I invite you to. 

Currently, I’ve got 3 teenagers living under my roof and 90%+ of the time, (after all none of us are perfect) I love my mama role.

And I’m super blessed to help my busy mom clients raise their parenting a-game… so everyone in their home can achieve their personal best. ðŸ‘

I âĪïļ love hearing from clients, such as Natasha, who said, 

 ”The biggest benefit is an increased sense of peace in our household. The extremes have diminished on everyone’s part. The sense of calm we feel… has improved our lives substantially. It makes a big difference to go into every day feeling it’s a good day.”

So I don’t know exactly why you’re here right now...

✔ïļ maybe you’re not having a lot of good parenting days...

✔ïļ maybe you know something’s GOT to change...

✔ïļ maybe you want to prevent recreating the ugly parts of your own childhood, or, needlessly living in a chronic angry child cycle that brings your whole family down. 

If you can relate to any of what I’m saying reach out and âœĻ connect with me.

Download my free How to Get Your Stubborn Child To Listen Checklist and make sure you’re getting the peaceful parenting tips for moms, I provide in the free Stubborn Child Solutions FB Group. 

It would be an honour to help support you in becoming the mom your family deserves—one who is more patient, more confident AND more joyful!

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