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Here’s what you’ll learn during this training...

2:39 Why Your Child Doesn’t Listen

There are 3 reasons committed parents can’t get their kids to listen.

9:03 BIG Parenting a Strong-Willed Child Myth

Most parents mistakenly believe that misbehaviour is the problem. It’s not!

3:32 The REAL Strong-Willed Child Issue

Most stubborn child issues are symptoms of a greater issue.

9:49 Permission-Based Discussion

This is an essential to getting your child to consistently listen.

4:40 The C.A.D. System to Getting Kids to Listen

These 3 key steps motivate kids to listen & follow!

11:51 Solution Related to Behaviour

If you want your child to learn from their mistakes do this.

6:35 “Name It to Tame It”

This is step one to gaining control, so you don’t lose it.

13:05 The Peaceful Parenting Path

How to stop the fighting... so everyone can enjoy a peaceful home.

7:01 Put Parenting On Pause

This is the easiest way to shift out of reacting out of anger and frustration.

16:00 Identify Your Next Best Step

Get out of the angry child cycle now!

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