Get Your Angry Child To Listen, Love ðŸ’— AND Respect You... So You Can Finally Enjoy a Peaceful Home

Hi, I'm Kelly!

If you're a committed mom who loves her "BIG personality" kid, but wants to stop losing it, or stop "caving in"... you're in the right place!

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Does Your Stubborn Child Respect What You Say?  

 If your answer's "no"... you're not alone!

Parenting a child with a "big personality" (AKA strong-willed child) is not for wimps! Why it can lead the most loving and patient parent to "lose their poop" ðŸ’Đ... turn into "Monster Mom" or "Demonic Dad." 

Are you dealing with a rude child, or "spirited child" who pushes ALL your buttons? It can be incredibly humbling... even embarrassing (especially on the playground, or at your in-laws for dinner)!

Have you got an angry child who: 

  • NEVER takes "no" for an answer...
  • Questions EVERYTHING and...
  • Requires "herculean effort" to get them to do simple things like get out the door, do their homework, or a simple chore? 

You may find, like I did, that despite your best positive parenting efforts your child drives you crazy! ðŸĪŠ Perhaps, you feel heaps of mom guilt, or like a REALLY bad mom because of it. 

"A Dessert Plate When Zinging Past My Head..."

26 years ago, I struggled with two stubborn kids. Their SUPERPOWER? Finding ALL my child discipline loopholes! When a 🍰 dessert plate when zinging past my head... I knew something had to change! 

I got help from two peaceful parenting experts (along with a master's in counselling).

Their support made all the difference.

Other parents noticed our turn around and asked me for advice. I was interviewed in Today's Parent and spoke with over 1 million parents. Crazy, I know!

Parenting a strong-willed kid IS harder! It's why I created the Peaceful Parenting Path™... a customizable 9-step "family reboot system" that helped me and now my committed clients raise respectful children... but, without yelling, nagging, or caving in.

My Peaceful Parenting Path stopped the exhausting arguments. Yay! They actually became agreeable kids, bedtime became easy-peasy (we were ALL better rested) AND there was a lot more laughter. ðŸ˜Š

"Why Can't I Just Get My Spirited Child to Do What I Say...? &[email protected] 

Ever amazed, maybe embarrassed, when you see another parent ask their child to do something… and they just do?! ðŸ˜ĩ No question, no argument... not even a defiant child eye roll?

Anyone who’s tried to get their stubborn child to listen will find it next to IMPOSSIBLE!

Think of the kid who wears flip flops in the snow after you've "told them 100 times" to put on their boots, or the kid who jumps higher on the bed after you've asked them to stop. ðŸ›‘

What I really ought to say is getting a strong-willed child to listen is "impossible IF…”

  • … You’re taking advice from someone who’s never dealt with a bonafide stubborn kid AND achieved 🏆 a respectful and loving relationship.
  • … You’re resigned to struggle and “figure it out” solo, instead of investing in yourself and family.
  • … You’re parenting’s inconsistent because you don’t have a proven peaceful parenting plan.
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"The extremes have diminished on everyone’s part...The sense of calm in our family has improved our lives substantially.  It makes a big difference to go into every day feeling it’s a good day..."

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"“Bedtimes have gone from gong-show to a breeze!!!! As the primary breadwinner, it’s been a game changer for me. Things are SO MUCH better, I have more time… we are far more rested and happier people.”

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"Our family functions at a higher level... Our seven year old is happier with the family. He’s a lot more cooperative. He’s a lot more helpful. He helps set the table every day—no questions asked."

Let's do this...

Be the parent your kids deserve to have!

(No more losing it, dealing with exhausting child tantrums, or caving in... only to feel mom guilt. Just a proven positive parenting plan with simple steps.)

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Get Your Child to Listen to You… NOW

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