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There’s over 2 BILLION Mothers in the World... But Your Kids ONLY have one YOU! That's why, you Need PROVEN Parenting Tools That Help You...


It's not ENOUGH to say you love 'em! You need simple tools to keep you patient & connected... especially, when you've in the parenting deep end, exhausted & 'bout to loose it! 


Parenting is the hardest & most important job on earth! That's why you ABSOLUTELY need to keep your humour intact. ;-)


Your kids didn't come with a customized how-to-parent manual. This is why you need strategies that ORGANICALLY raise kids looking for what they can GIVE...not just get!

About Kelly Elise

Sometimes parents ask me: “So Kelly, how did you get to be so GOOD at understanding kids’ misbehaviours and turning them around fast?”

Well, despite having an award-winning parenting book, speaking to millions of parents on radio & having a master’s in counselling psychology, I was in the parenting deep end…long before I even became a mother!

Twenty-one years ago, I was a child-care worker and got good at it. So good, I became the “it-girl” for tough cases. Basically, I thought I knew pretty much everything there’s to know about raising kids (don’t you just love the non-parent ego!). I became a nanny for two brothers no one else would work with. Why? Simple... their last caregiver, they beat-up on the bus! Oh, and they were blind from birth! To say they were a handful, is like Helen Keller’s teacher calling her “timid”. ;-)

I thought this child-care gig would be a piece of cake. But the night a dessert plate went zinging past my head, I realized I didn’t know it all! (more...)

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