Tame YOUR Child's Temper Tantrums

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Hi, I'm Kelly!

I help parents tame
angry child meltdowns & stubborn child fights...  
so everyone can enjoy a peaceful home.

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"Tantrums are dedicated parents
greatest gift. I'd love to show you..."












Family Stressed to Family Blessed Bootcamp™

A Customized Family Calming  9-Week Reboot Program

Successfully raise your spirited child... without losing your cool (or mind 😜).

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About Kelly...

Mom, Recovering-People-Pleaser
& Strong-Willed Child Specialist

Twenty-four years ago, Kelly struggled with two strong-willed children... whose SUPERPOWERS were finding ALL her child discipline loopholes. Then... she got help (plus, her master's in counselling).

Kelly realized that positive discipline and attachment parenting doesn't fully solve angry child drama. She created the customizable Peaceful Parenting Path™... so you can authentically raise a respectful child (one you're close with), but WITHOUT breaking their spirit. 

This system also doesn't add to your to-do list. Shhh... We actually aim to take exhausting items off 😊.

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Be the parent your kids deserve to have!

(No more whining... no excuses. Just a time-tested plan with simple steps.)

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