What if You Could Have an Agreeable & Happy Child in as Little as 3 Months?  


(Without feeling exhausted, guilty, angry, or secretly wanting your life "before kids" back) 


It's time for you to FINALLY enjoy a peaceful home.

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Starts April 13th, 2023

It's a fact: Raising a strong willed child is REALLY hard! 

Getting Your Stubborn Child to Actually Listen to You is So Challenging Because...  

  • They're often secretly a highly sensitive child who has armoured themselves (sometimes against you!)

  • They rarely respect a parent without consistent boundaries, so they tune them out

  • An angry child often knows how to get around rules and get what they want 

  • They can often be a handful for others, which can lead to ๐Ÿ˜ž tense relationships with teachers, friends and family

  • If they aren't listening to you... they may not listen to anybody 

  • A rude child can turn into a bully ๐ŸฅŠ, or weirdly... a people pleaser with low self esteem, anxiety, or depression

  • Their sibling can often be negatively impacted... or worse, start learning from them
  • They often make it ALL about them, which can mean turning into an unhappy, angry, anxious, or even... depressed teen/adult 

"Are you making any of these 3 common parenting mistakes?"

Mistake #1 - Repeatedly "lose your cool" when your child acts out

Mistake #2 - Talking e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g out 

Mistake #3 - Using parenting tools that ONLY work for easy-going kids

You're probably making one, or more of these mistakes (with loving intentions), but you're actually fueling an "angry child cycle." 

The good news is you can make a "strong-willed child" turn around... often quicker than you think.

Stop feeling frustrated and exhausted by reminding, fighting, "caving in," and taking away the iPad... AGAIN! Invest in you!

Join this bootcamp, which promises to get your child to consistently listen within 3 months. 

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You're probably also feeling burned out, guilty, or embarrassed

There's nothing worst than doing your very best and STILL ending up with a ๐Ÿ‘น spoiled child, or strained relationship.

What moms have said about working with me ...

"The extremes have diminished on everyone’s part...The sense of calm in our family has improved our lives substantially. It makes a big difference to go into every day feeling it’s a good day..."

- Natasha

"Bedtimes have gone from gong-show to a breeze!!!! As the primary breadwinner, it’s been a game changer for me. Things are SO MUCH better, I have more time… we are far more rested and happier people."

- Margaret

"Our family functions at a higher level... Our seven year old is happier with the family. He’s a lot more cooperative. He’s a lot more helpful. He helps set the table every day—no questions asked."

- Heidi

"And then... the dessert plate went flying past my head"

26 years ago, I was a live-in nanny for 2 blind stubborn brothers. Their SUPERPOWER? Finding ALL my defiant child discipline loopholes! (BTW their last nanny only lasted a few months after they by beat her up!)

When a ๐Ÿฐ dessert plate went flying past my head… I knew something had to change!

I tried everything... consequences, taking away privileges, nagging, timeouts... talking on their level. Why I even got my master’s in counselling. None of it worked!

But it was only when I discovered that they weren't the problem... did it finally change. I realized the more I tried to control them, the less control I actually had. Turned out, it was actually my approach that was the problem. With this new insight it didn't matter how bad their misbehaviour was... I could now handle anything they threw at me.

The boys went from bouncing off the walls (and being physically violent toward their caregivers) to helping make dinner, playing well with other kids & even getting along.


"I knew it was working when I was interviewed in Today's Parent and..."


Now that I had a new proven approach parenting my own ADHD child was easy.  But my husband REALLY struggled. Instead of fighting, yelling and “caving in” I kept my cool, maintained a loving AND respectful relationship (one we still have now that he's almost 16... and it's getting better). 

Other parents asked me for my secrets. That’s when I realized I had stubborn child tools that could help... because parenting a strong-willed kid IS hard

It's also why I created the Peaceful Parenting Path™... a 9-step "family calming reboot system" that transforms an angry child into an agreeable child who listens... but WITHOUT yelling, nagging, or "caving in," so everyone can enjoy a peaceful & ๐ŸŽ‰ fun home.

I knew it was working when I was interviewed in Today's Parent and then asked to be a parenting spokesperson to speak to over 1 million parents.

If any of my strong-willed child struggles sound familiar… I'd love to show you how to make an angry child turnaround in the bootcamp.



Discover How to Motivate Your Spirited Child to Learn from Their Mistakes (So You Don't Repeatedly Deal with Same Exhausting Misbehaviours)... in my New Bootcamp


The "Strong-Willed Child Solutions Bootcamp" will give you 9 essential Peaceful Parenting Path Tools that ALL parents who successfully raise a spirited child use.

Each module in this bootcamp is designed to help you dramatically reduce  embarrassing rude child behaviour... the talking back, bedtime meltdowns, power struggles, arguing, ignoring and throwing a tantrum when they don't get their way... or don't like what you say! 

In This Bootcamp You'll Learn How To: 

  • Keep your cool... so you can stop meltdowns & angry child fights โœ‹ from ruining a good day

  • Inspire a more grateful child… one who ๐Ÿงน cleans up their messes

  • Create a ๐Ÿ’ž mutually respectful relationship, so you can ENJOY being with your child, without exhaustion

  • Motivate them to happily get out of bed and out the door on time

  • Establish a โš–๏ธ balanced family schedule, so you can stop feeling like you aren’t doing anything well

  • Break the angry child cycle of yelling and no longer say, "My strong willed child is driving me ๐Ÿคช crazy!"

What works for an agreeable child, doesn't work for an angry child.

The BEST time to learn peaceful parenting path tools (ones that inspire your spirited child to respect your "nos," listen the first time, and how to have a close relationship) was yesterday.

The next best time to get these parenting tools is right now!  

Create Peace At Home. It IS Possible!

*The first 6 moms to sign up will also get two FREE "Strong-Willed Child Strategy Coaching Sessions" with Kelly.

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Here's Everything That's Included In The Bootcamp...

If you want to end the weeks, months and likely...  years of surviving constant angry child drama, getting these Peaceful Parenting Path tools is NOT a luxury, but a necessity! 

Get all these nine weekly interactive zoom calls. Join live, or watch on your own time, with access to replays. 


Learn How to Parent Yourself

๐Ÿ›‘ Stop stubborn child arguments, without needing to "lose it," so you can have more control and let mom guilt go. Includes:

  • Trigger reducers: Actionable steps to maintain & boost your patience
  • How to find your "self-care bookends," so you don't burn out
  • Secret to letting go of resentment, anger and frustration, while being more of the mom your kids deserve

You'll learn how to sidestep angry child fights and not let it ruin your entire day.


Establish L.O.V.E. Boundaries

Get a consistent boundary foundation in place, so your child’ll respect you. Includes:

  • Why your boundaries aren’t working, so you can shift it ASAP
  • How taking 100% responsibility will put you in the parenting driver's seat 
  • Finding the ๐Ÿ’ gift in your child's misbehaviour and then transform the angry child cycle once and for all

Discover how L.O.V.E. sets the foundation for respect, so you start to curb push back and rude child behaviour.


Use the SMART Mom Schedule

Get in control of your to-do list, be more productive, patient and  stop โน๏ธ feeling like you're failing as a mom. Includes:

  • The key to giving more without burnout
  • An easy to-do list strategy that inspires your greatness
  • Simple tools to customize your best family life

Build an inspiring game plan that creatively designs a balanced and fun family life you adore.


Bust Through Angry Child Stress

Prevent and end the exhausting child tantrums so everyone can enjoy more calm & harmonious interactions. Includes:

  • Personalized ๐Ÿง˜๐Ÿฝ mindfulness strategies like the “kitchen sink strategy”
  • Identify your daily essential “Family F-Factors” that keep you connected
  • The simple keys to making bedtimes easy-peasy

This module gives you tools to dial down your stress and naturally boost your child's positive energy.


Get Your T.E.A.M. Family On Board

Eliminate family tension. Inspire your kids to clean up messes without reminding ad nauseam, and enjoy more fun quality family time. Includes:

  • Use the “๐Ÿถ Dog Factor” (even if you’re a cat person) to create a lifelong family support culture… where you feel appreciated
  • Make chores a team event everyone enjoys
  • Learn the simplest way of establishing a positive partnership, so you can get on the same parenting page

In this module, you'll learn top family hacks that brings greater appreciation and support for one another.


Motivate Your Child's Self-Esteem

Set your child up for true esteem, without anxiety, sibling rivalry, or unhealthy competition… so you can raise a confident, respectful and happy kid. Includes:

  • The “horizontal striving technique,” which prepares your child to successfully navigate an uncertain future
  • How to prevent raising an anxious people pleaser using the “cheer mindset” and child passion projects
  • Learn the secret of establishing healthy competition

Get parenting tips that boosts self esteem... so your child can succeed in this ever-changing (and sometimes ๐Ÿ˜จ terrifying) world.


Find Your Perfect Parenting Style

Become someone your child wants to listen to, but... without unintentionally raising a spoiled child. Includes:

  • The key to becoming and remaining one of the main โœจ positive influencers in your child’s life
  • Naturally motivate your child using a “MLKL Approach”
  • Learn how to build an angry child's respect and responsibility muscle, without back talk

This section gives you tools to raise a respectful child, while maintaining their unique spirited child nature. 


Use Strong "Picket-Fence Boundaries"

Customize your boundaries, become "stubborn-child-discipline ready," so your child will actually learn from their mistakes. Includes:

  • Establish house rules that everyone respects
  • Learn the “WIIFT parenting formula” to eliminate pushback
  • How to pick your fights wisely using ๐Ÿข tortoise and ๐Ÿฐ hare wisdom 

Successfully raise a child who becomes a responsible, happy & caring adult without constant exhausting fights and meltdowns.


Weather Any Angry Child Storm

Get through fights quicker and end up feeling closer, so you can have a ๐Ÿ’ž life-long loving relationship with your kiddo. Includes:

  • The secret to getting a genuine apology out of your stubborn child
  • Key to NOT take the misbehaviours that drive you nuts personally
  • Why you need to be okay with a little crazy... to minimize crazy

This is where you transform the fragile "walking-on-egg-shells" relationship, so you can break the angry child cycle of drama and chaos for good!

Be one of the first six moms to sign up and you'll also receive two FREE "Strong-Willed Child Coaching Sessions!"

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You'll Also Get these Amazing Bootcamp Bonuses ...

Motivate Your Child to Listen with These Parenting Tools

  • "Mommy Mindsets"
    Weekly laser-focussed training for busy moms who want a quick angry child transformation

  • Weekly Replay Access
    Things come up! Flexible replays give you the ability to catch up.

  • "Family Stressed to Family Blessed"
    Self-Study Course
    Go at your own pace. Helps support you in mastering positive parenting.


*Value of  $487.00

Get Your Unique Parenting Questions Answered ASAP

  1. "SOS Kelly Videos/Emails"
    Keep the stubborn child solutions momentum going. Get support between sessions.

  2. Parent Hot Seat Ticket
    Get help with your unique situation. Go deep with Kelly 1-1 (optional).

  3. "Parenting Coaching Gym"
    9-weekly sessions to get all the Peaceful Parenting Path tools under your belt (optional). 

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While Getting Your "Stubborn Child Turnaround" Enjoy a Circle of Support

  • Bring a Friend for FREE
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  • "Mom Dream Playdate"
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  • "Mommy Magnetic Mastermind"
    Have a "study buddy" who'll support your momentum and staying on track.

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Get All These Bonuses Worth $2828.00 for FREE

In Less Than 3 Months You Could Enjoy...   

  • Easy-peasy bedtimes
  • NO exhausting meltdowns and pushback
  • No more "angry mom"... be a patient mom... one your kids deserve!

Using inconsistent parenting (either punishing, or "caving in") only increases the chances of recreating the ugly parts of your own childhood.

Is this what you REALLY want?

Take positive parenting action today. I'd love to show you how to experience your own "angry child turnaround."

Let's do this... together! ๐Ÿ‘ญ๐Ÿฝ

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โœ… "Family Stressed to Family Blessed" Self-Study Course (Value $397)

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โœ… Parent Hotseat Ticket (Value $125)

โœ… Parenting Weekly Coaching Gym (Value $450)

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If you aren’t completely satisfied with the "Strong-Willed Child Solutions Bootcamp," after participating in the first two modules, let us know within 14-days and we will gladly give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Additionally, if after FULLY participating in the 3-month course you don't believe you have EVERY tool you need to make your own "Stubborn Child Turnaround" I will either work with you until you do, or give you a full refund.

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