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How much yelling, FIGHTS, PUSHBACK, or child MELTDOWNS do you regularly experience...? 

Stop Angry Child Meltdowns and Rude Child Behaviour that Causes You to "Lose Your Cool!"


Most of us were never taught how to be a good mom. Fewer of us were taught how to peacefully parent a strong-willed child!

And a spirited child... the fact checker, sometimes room wrecker, "mini-lawyer-in-the-making" (who NEVER takes "no" for an answer)... the one who marches to the beat of their own πŸ₯ drum are a more difficult breed of child to parent.

Getting your stubborn child to follow simple instructions and do what they're told may seem impossible. And it IS impossible... if you're using the wrong positive parenting tips and tools.

Ever notice that what works for an agreeable child rarely, if ever, works for your stubborn child? Ever feel dumbfounded when you see another child just do what they're told... the FIRST time!

Ever feel embarrassed that your child just DOESN'T act like other kids... questions E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G?

Many loving parents simply don't have the specific peaceful parenting tools that can prevent the needless fights, chronic back talk. Sadly, may well meaning parents unknowingly nurture a spoiled child, but without intending to. YIKES!

Fortunately, you don't have to stay stuck in a spoiled child, or an "angry child" cycle.

I know...

"All I wanted was to gain control over simple things..."


Decades ago I was exhausted... desperate to end the angry child drama.

All I wanted was to gain control over simple things like getting them out the door... on time! I thought I'd tried EVERYTHING (bribing, yelling, rewards, timeouts, 1-2-3 magic and reminding ad nauseum).

Nothing seemed to work!

But the fact was: I was missing essential strong-willed child pieces that made ALL the difference. Once I discovered these parenting mindshifts, I experienced a profound "strong-willed child turnaround."

Why, I even liked who I was again... found both my patience and humour! πŸ˜Š

I discovered that the stubborn child reality is:

Rude child behaviour is NEVER the problem. It's how I react to talking back, tantrums and meltdowns that's the REAL problem. 


Yet, with this new insight it didn't matter how bad their angry child misbehaviour was... I had a solution.

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