How to Inspire Your Homeschooler

Sep 03, 2020

Mom burnout is a real thing, especially when it comes to homeschooling. Make sure you reap the “homeschooling silver-lining” by actively inspiring your homeschooler… cause there little more chronically stressful than fighting with your homeschooler! This is day three of our “Homeschooling Joyfully Parenting Series” and we examine how moms can inspire their child… first, by inspiring themselves.

Never have we lived in a more challenging and uncertain time. There have also never been so many homeschoolers. At the start of the COVID pandemic it was estimated that 300 million children world wide were being homeschooled!

So if homeschooling has been thrust upon you and you’re feeling overwhelmed… you’re not alone and I’m grateful you’re here. Alternatively, if you’re excited by your homeschooling opportunity, I’m also happy you’re here.

Today, we’ll dive into reaping more of the homeschooling silver lining, especially when it comes to inspiring your precious home learner.

My name is Kelly. My passion is helping dedicated moms with strong-willed children eliminate family tension and exhausting tantrums, so they can enjoy the loving family they deserve and rock it as a homeschooling family.

This’s episode three of our month long series of Homeschooling Joyfully Parenting Tips. The question before us is how do we best inspire our homeschoolers? More specifically… how can you?

So first things first, before you can inspire them… you gotta first inspire yourself.

An anxiety-ridden, or stressed-out homeschooling mama equals an ineffective one. Get where I’m going? The reality is the bulk of your homeschooling success relies on how much of a positive attitude you bring to the table. And this can’t happen if you’re regularly eating up anxiety-producing media stories. Right?

While it may be important to stay in the loop, I believe it’s far more important to manage your well-being in a way that increases your immune system. Get me? So make sure you curb negativity… this includes speaking to friends or family at length—those who bring you down.

And the next part is to drum up some homeschooling excitement within you. Would some healthy retail therapy for cute back-to-school supplies, or inspiring books do it? How about taking some funny homeschooling pics? Bake a special non-back-to-school cake?

BTW if you’re home looks like a toy store that’s exploded, perhaps tiding up would help you feel lighter. Organizing your homeschooling space (even if it happens to just be your kitchen table) and getting your tools together could be the best use of your time right now.

So I’m curious how are you managing your negative media consumption? Do you have your homeschooling space organized? If so, what’s the thing you’re most proud of? Also, before we go let me humbly ask you to pass this video on. This’ll help inspire me, as my goal is to support as many moms possible.

Now, in our next SMART Mom episode we’ll talk about motivating your homeschooler… even a difficult one. I hope you’ll join me.

“Join a group of likeminded parents who want REAL strong-willed child solutions that inspire kids to listen… without yelling, bribery, or reminding ad nauseam!”

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