Tame Your Strong-Willed Child's Tantrums - Part 2

Dec 19, 2020

This's part two of the four part mini-parenting course, Tame YOUR Strong-Willed Child’s Tantrums. If you’ve got a spirited, or strong-willed child under your roof this video series was especially created for you. In this video, I’ll give you THE key to decreasing exhausting tantrums, while keeping your cool AND strengthening your relationship 🤗. I’ll also arm you with a simple parenting tip acronym (one I began to reveal in the last video) that can help you in the heat of the moment to access and hold on to your mom patience. Make sure you sign up for the full course, so you can get “The Child Temper Tamer Checklist" and be ready for that next meltdown, or fight. Sign up here: https://joyfullyparenting.mykajabi.co...


“Join a group of likeminded parents who want REAL strong-willed child solutions that inspire kids to listen… without yelling, bribery, or reminding ad nauseam!”

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