Why You Need Homeschooling "Power Partners"

Sep 11, 2020

Homeschooling success, especially for busy moms, can be greatly enhanced by using “Power Partners.” These individuals can increase your homeschooler’s motivation and passion for learning. In this Homeschooling Parenting Tip video, Kelly Nault, shares how homeschooling and work-at-home mom, Heidi, has done just this.

Homeschooling is too big a job to do alone. It really is. And many moms fall into the common homeschooling trap of feeling they’ve got to know it all and do it all.

Sound like you?

Fortunately, uncovering homeschooling “Power Partners” is one of the solutions. It’s actually essential is you wanna rock your homeschooling… in a way that takes pressure off your lovely mom shoulders. By the way, Power Partners goes way beyond homeschooling networks, or Facebook groups.

So read on…

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Now, I’ve got a dear friend, Heidi, who’s homeschooling superpower is finding Power Partners. Somehow she instinctively knows that isolation can be a dangerous thing for a homeschooling family. She consistently widens her circle uncovering gems of individuals (from family members to community members) who’re either experts in an area that interests her kids, or are simply just a bit better than her in certain subjects.

The beauty of Heidi’s approach is that not only does it take some of the pressure off her, but it keeps homeschooling fresh. She’s also found (perhaps you have as well) that often her kids listen better to others.

So do I hear a homeschooling “amen”?

Some of the power partners I’ve witnessed her wrangle up have been an auto repair mechanic who was into building go-carts, a friend who taught her daughter ukulele, and having a Japanese Work-Away stay with them, so she could support her son’s interest in sushi-making.

Inspired? Me too. That’s why she’s one of my homeschooling superhero moms.

So I invite you to keep your ears and eye open for those individuals who could support bringing out more of your child’s best and better support their interests. How about reaching out to your contacts with your unique homeschooling parenting ask.

Really, it’s simply a matter of finding someone who’s passionate in a certain area and is open to hanging out and sharing this passion with your kid—virtually, or in person. In this time of the COVID pandemic, I believe it’s more important than ever to ensure people are connecting in a purposeful way, where they feel they’re making a difference. Frankly, Power Partners LOVE to contribute.

So any Power Partners that are already in your life? Any you’d like to find. What do you think of this idea? I’d love, love, love to know.


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